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Direct Routing Wizard

This wizard will generate a Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Design Document.

Just update the fields below to match your environment, click download document, wait 30 seconds, and you have a customised design document for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing!

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Selecting Detailed Design includes AudioCodes SBC Configuration
Office 365
Example: The default domain in office 365
Example: The onmicrosoft domain of your office 365 tenant
Example: The admin account you will use
Direct Routing Configuration
Example : DirectRouting This is the name of the DirectRouting SIP interface etc on the SBC
Example :
Example :
Example : If you are NOT using NAT then this should be the same as the public IP Address
Example : 5067
This is the listening port of the Direct Routing SIP interface on the SBC (TLS)
ITSP Configuration
Example: ITSP This is the name of the ITSP SIP interface etc on the SBC
Example : 5061
Example : sip.siptrunk.example This is the FQDN or IP Address of your siptrunk provider
Example : 5060
Additional Settings
Example :
Example : +10

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