Troubleshooting Teams SBA

Supported Clients

  • Microsoft Teams Windows desktop
  • Microsoft Teams macOS desktop
  • Microsoft Teams for Mobile
  • Microsoft Teams Phones

Client Troubleshooting

For detailed instructions refer to Collecting Teams Client Logs

  1. Exit the Microsoft Teams Client
  2. Delete all folders & files in %appdata%\microsoft\teams
  3. Restart the Microsoft Teams client.
  4. Immediately after restart, download the MSTeams Diagnostics Log (Ctrl + ALT + Shift + 1)
  5. Search the latest MS Diagnostic log in the web directory for the following
  • the string enableSurvivability ["enableSurvivability": true]

  • the string branchSurvivabilityPolicy

  • the string setAvailableAppliances [{"fqdn":"sba1.audicodes.cloude"}]

  • the string setupApplianceLivenessChecks [appliances=[{"fqdn":"","lastCheck":1600736677529,"isUp":true}]]

SBA Monitor

  • If you can not see registered users in the SBA Monitor but have appied the policy to users, and confirmed branchSurvivabilityPolicy fqdn above then check the firewall between SBA ad Teams for blocked traffic

SBC Troubleshooting

  • SBC must be configured for Media Bypass
  • Options must be OK between SBC and SBA

Firewall Troubleshooting

  • Teams Client 3443,4444,8443 <> SBA 3443,4444,8443
  • SBA <> SBC 5061 *is dependant on sbc config, but sba will always use 5061
  • SBA > NTP Server UDP 123
  • SBA > 443 m365
  • SBA > Azure IP anges and Service Tags

Do I realy need to open all those Firewall Ports ?


Managing M365 Endpoints

  • Check with your firewall vendor, as a number of leading firewall vendors can automatically whitelist these lists for you
  • If implemented correctly then all inbound traffic except the signalling from Teams Client and SBA list above.

Collecting Logs

If requested pleae provide the following

  1. SBC Syslogs a) we looking for options between the SBA and SBC OK b) Inbound /outbound calls including tests to see inbound calls are forking.
  2. Teams Client Logs (as per above) send all the files in a single ZIP
  3. SBA Syslogs a) configure the syslog service in the tools tab, and save syslog from syslog service b) download the sba Lods in the tools tan c) download the latest sba configrutaion log in the tools tab

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